2. Love.

  3. Who loves you?


  4. Grown up

    Someone told me today that I’m feeling awkward now because as I grow up, my interests of life starts to change. I started to regret what I did, who I was with or even how I lived in the past. The people I met in the past no longer follows the same path I’m in right now and ended up in another junction. Not all perhaps, because some still stayed and walked down the same path with me. And I realized that those are the ones who will be with me till I grow old. These are the ‘true ones’ people always mentioned. I discovered my true ones today because I saw the light to my path. I learnt what I truly wanted and I’m sorry for the things and people I’ve neglected. I saw and felt everything clearly today. Thanks for showing me the light.


  5. Offended

    Some people should think before they speak or joke with limits. How you communicate with people reflects alot about yourself.

  6. Starbucks fanatic


  7. I miss you.

    Every night when insomnia haunts me, all I think of is you.

  8. Chubby Bunny.

  9. Chocolate devotion.

  10. My beautiful lady.